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    The company is a management consultancy which specialises in management and leadership strategies. The potential and the background of the leaders of this firm make them qualified enough to manage and lead the firm. The special feature of the company will be its ability to generate innovate solutions since both of its directors holds an MBA degree in this discipline. It was found from the market research that both the external and the internal factors influencing business were mostly favourable with minimal threats. SR Management Solutions is started with a big ambition, and that is to be internationally established within five years.

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  • Services

    • Financial advice on increase of profit and shares
    • Consulting on latest innovative marketing technology
    • Monitoring and evaluation of client’s employee performance
    • Financial auditing and other professional auditing services
    • Human resource consulting including recruitment services, training and development programmes

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  • Goals & Objectives

    • To have a wide range of customers from all fields
    • To make a low investment, but the same time, to also make it effective
    • To provide innovate and state of the art management and other consulting services
    • To be a global leader in the field and have at least 100 clients within two years
    • To make a mark as a renowned consultancy and overtake its competitors within a short span of time

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    • Key to Success

      For achieving the objectives mentioned above, SR Management solutions has devised an innovative company policy. The company will give preference to its employees rather than its customers and encourage them to come up with their own innovative solutions. The directors would not interfere in their dealing with clients in anyway. The HR policies are formulated especially to encourage and motivate the employees. Employees will also be given more benefits when compared to the benefits given by competitors. Thus, the company would focus on the idea of giving ‘freedom’ to employees to being the best in them.

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